Beach Life

La Palma has a number of fantastic beaches.

Tazacorte – A short drive from Olio is Puerto Tazacorte. It has a lovely long black sand beach with shops, restaurants and bars. There is also a port with lots of yachts moored – this is also where you can enjoy boat trips

Charco Verde – With beautiful clear water and a sheltered cove it’s no wonder Charco Verde is popular. There is a small Kiosko which sells snacks and icecreams.

La de La Veta – For the more adventurous. Getting to this beach involves an ‘interesting drive’ down a very steep single track road, and then a 30 min hike down the cliff side, but the beach secluded sand cove is worth the effort. There are no public services at the beach so pack a picnic, and some energy to hike back up the hill after your swim!

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