Walking – Ruta de los Volcanes – La Palma

Ruta de los Volcanes, La Palma

This amazing walk is one of the most breath taking on the island. Starting at Refugio del Pilar, which is a short drive from Hotel Olio, the walk is around 18km long and traverses the ridge of the island ending at Los Canarios in the South. The walk allows you to see several volcanoes, along with spectacular views of both the east and west coast of the island. Depending upon fitness, the walk will take around 5-6 hours. It begins in the shade of the pines of El Pilar and gradually climbing uphill to La Deseada at 1945m. The terrain changes to volcanic soil along the ridge of the island. It’s important to take enough water. food and to bring warm clothing as there can be strong winds and clouds on the higher parts of the walk.


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